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Core Stock Items

Continental offers a highly durable and white product.  The pieces are pin fired to ensure continuity of glaze.  The glazed foot of the flatware prevents scratching and metal marking on the eating surface from taking place.

Continental Vitrified Hotelware has been produced by the same factory since 1959 and uses the principles of ISO 9002 to ensure consistent quality.  This Vitrified Hotelware is produced from a specially formulated body containing Alumina that adds strength and durability to every piece.  Article rims are reinforced to guard against chipping, and spouts and handles are specifically designed to minimize breakage.

Continental products conform to the British Standard BS 4034 and are designed to stack, which aids storage and facilitates space saving.  Continental’s Vitrified Hotelware products are microwave oven safe provided that articles do not have precious metal decorations (i.e. gold or platinum). They are oven and dishwasher safe.  Products can safely be taken from freezer to microwave.





Check out our Continental Core Stock Catalogue PDFs below:

Plain White
A timeless range of endlessly functional pieces
A classic design with embossed rim
Sleek modern lines
An elegant lighter weight range
Original modern design
Features a subtle swirl
Mont Blanc
Ideal for special occasions
Cool and casual
Rustic ambience
Warm terra cotta tones
Three glorious hues – blue, green and terra.
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