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Porvasal is Spain’s leading fine porcelain manufacturer, specializing in elegant, modern commercial dinnerware. The product range is white hard porcelain, fired to 1,400 oC - at this temperature porcelain acquires the best resistance to both physical and chemical stress. Porvasal’s production is designed and manufactured fulfilling the most strict standards of quality and meeting the needs of the professional. Porvasal is an exemplary solution for your fine porcelain needs.

Porvasal porcelain is rigorously stress-tested against impact, resistance-tested for dishwashing, detergents, scratches and whiteness. No frits, pigments or any toxic material is used in Porvasal’s process, making it 100% healthy and safe. Porvasal porcelain and glaze show no trace of lead, cadmium or zinc.



> Check out the Porvasal promotional video here.
> Take a virtual tour of the Porvasal factory here.

Check out our Porvasal Core Stock Catalogue PDFs below:

A plethora of exciting and innovative shapes.
Platters to complement your table.
Unique breakfast saucers, cups and mugs
Sofia Pro
Ideal for everyday use.
Décor Dots
A chic, vintage look.
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